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The participants in the Women in construction Article

5 Successful female journeys in the male-dominated construction sector

Construction Business News – Middle East spoke to 5 female marketing managers from reputed organisations in the Gulf to understand their successful journeys in the male-dominated construction sector.

RIB CCS Gulf’s Marketing and PR Manager, Joanna Pollard, was one of these women.

Jo discusses her

  • role in the company
  • changes have she’s brought in the company during her tenure
  • What marketing strategies have RIB CCS Gulf planned for the remainder of 2017

“What I enjoy most about this job and career is that is allows for the opportunity to combine creativity and business acumen, both of which appeal tremendously to me.

Software isn’t tangible.  You can’t touch it, wear it, eat it or smell it and this makes it much more of a challenge to market and sell.  What we have done in the last few years is appeal to the imagination – what you can create with it.  The power on your side to build ICONIC structures and still be profitable at the end of the project.

Interacting with your clients, prospective business and employees is now a critical and integral component for any successful business operation. At RIB CCS, we have a many pronged approach with tailor made presentations geared at prospective clients as well as the enrichment and continuous up-skilling of our existing clients.

We hold User Seminars & Roadshows throughout the GCC, Executive Management Seminars geared to the top management that focuses more on the end results that our solutions can and should deliver and what value they bring to an organisation as well as Sales Seminars for prospective clients, which covers RIB CCS’s experience with contracting companies, both large and small, across multiple continents, in countless countries covering diverse disciplines and focused on the unique process used by these contractors to deliver some of the largest and most prestigious projects in the planet.

We participate in a variety of Exhibitions & Trade shows as speakers and sponsors, press releases, including editorials, advertising and social media – emails blasts; we started a RIB CCS Gulf Newsletter, Facebook and Linked In pages where we interact with our Users. Invested time in a variety of Social Responsibility programs close to our hearts and participated in a number of Construction related Award shows that acknowledge and promote our many valued clients.

We have worked hard, but we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.

I believe the Middle East has some prodigious campaigns to look forward too, from myself and the team here in RIB CCS Gulf.”

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