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Recession proof Ian H

Recession-Proof Your Business

Ian Hauptfleisch, General Manager of CCS Gulf, tells Big Project ME how his company’s cost control software can help contractors protect themselves in difficult economic times.

With GCC construction companies focused on tightening budgets and cutting costs due to the overall slowdown in construction work across the region, the need for better control over project processes has become incredibly important.

Although cost control is not a new thing to the construction industry, companies are now looking to incorporate digital technology into their processes, so as to improve their functionality and efficiency. Using software that can be easily accessed by all stakeholders, whether onsite or in office, gives project teams a competitive advantage during the construction process.

Not only do these tools record financial transactions that occur during the building schedule, they also allow managers to keep a track of the progress and problems associated with a project.

Given the current economic climate, a contactor armed with this information is one who is more likely to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

This is why Big Project ME speaks to Ian Hauptfleisch, General Manager at Construction Computer Software (Gulf), to find out how contractors can utilise cost control software to effectively recession-proof their business.

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Recession proof your business Recession proof your business

Recession-proof your business article

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