Building Better Together: Go beneath the surface with RIB CCS

Roadmac Surfacing rehabilitates key-arterial roads across South Africa to bring people together safely utilising world-class infrastructure

Through major government projects, Roadmac Surfacing rehabilitates key-arterial roads across South Africa to bring people together safely utilising world-class infrastructure.

Despite an annual turnover of over R1 billion, in the past, they often experienced delays and congestion when it came to managing their daily expenditure. Late-arriving supplier invoices—a major challenge of the construction industry—resulted in an inability to achieve accurate budget recons between projects and accounts. This was especially true when it came to reconciling procurement and operational costs.

Realising that they needed to make a change, Roadmac Surfacing approached RIB CCS to implement a construction management system that would provide their project teams with the ability to manage costs on site and update their productivity worksheets. Undertaking this project midway through the financial year meant that RIB CCS had to design a solution that would allow Roadmac Surfacing to reconcile invoices and payments in real time without disrupting their legacy systems.

Candy and BuildSmart were put forward as a combined software solution and the impact on business processes was immediate and transformative. Now, for the first time, Roadmac Surfacing can manage order costs and deliveries in real time while streamlining their organisation to run more efficiently.

Welcoming the 75% reduction in expenditure resulting from their investment in this construction project planning solution; Financial Manager Charl Van Schalkwyk had this to say: “The effectiveness of this seamless solution, and its ability to align cost functions across the business, has become integral to the Roadmac Surfacing management of contracts.”

The key software features that made this possible include a seamless cost and operations management tool, a committed and accrual cost facility for managing outstanding invoices in BuildSmart, the ability to identify and preempt problems in the planning phase using Candy, and on-site training that empowers individuals at every stage of a project—from estimation through to final account.

Today, each Roadmac Surfacing project site runs as an independent business unit that features enhanced accountability thanks to round-the-clock functionality and real-time insights provided by their RIB CCS solution.

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