Managing Construction Resources the Right Way

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Resources form the building blocks for any construction project. From subcontractors and plant items to labour and material; the way you manage your resources is crucial to the profitability of a project and, for this reason, should be undertaken with three key areas in mind.


The bill of quantities (BOQ) supplied by a client, or measured internally, only provides the quantity for the bill items that need to be completed (i.e. a 220 mm brick wall) and does not include the individual resource components (the number of bricks, cement, sand and labour) required to build those items.

To ensure your quantities for individual resource components are correct:

1.      Perform accurate quantity take-offs by utilising 2D digital drawings and 3D modules.

2.      Use first principles resource-based pricing to generate a ‘shopping list’ of the required resources.


Productivity refers to the amount of work that can be done in a certain time frame. This can either be a value generated from experience or calculated using construction industry templates.

For example, an experienced estimator should be able to tell you how many bricks a bricklaying team can lay in one day. Being able to assess productivity in this manner is key to calculating the man-hours and labour costs required to complete a construction project.

Pricing using first principles also gives you the ability to capture labour productivity data from which accurate labour- and man-hour costs can be generated.


A budget is a financial plan used to allocate funds to build a particular item of work while ensuring a project remains profitable.

To accurately manage your budget, first principles estimating can be used to generate reports that guide the expenditure of on-site teams, while regular adjudication of material suppliers and subcontractor quotes provide contractors with a competitive advantage.

Resource Management Done Right

Manually managing your resources—across quantity, productivity and budget—can be a complicated task that demands far more of your time and focus than it should.

Fortunately, thanks to dedicated construction software, like Candy Cloud from RIB CCS, project resources can now be managed centrally using an online, fully managed and secure “Desktop-as-a-Service” system that spans all areas of your business; empowering you with tools to secure the success of every project. These include:

  • Pricing using first principles estimating
  • Electronic 2D and 3D quantity take-off
  • Planning
  • Forecasting
  • Cash Flow
  • Valuations
  • Subcontract Management
  • Cost and Allowable

To learn more about construction resource management with RIB CCS, speak to us today.

Written by: Marnus Janse Van Rensburg

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