5 Ways MTWO Drives Better Performance for Project Owners

5 Ways MTWO Drives Better Performance for Project Owners

Construction project owners have many responsibilities throughout any project. The role requires a lot of
collaboration with other stakeholders and it involves plenty of pressure to keep projects on track.

There are many factors that can influence the efficiency and productivity of any construction project. If not managed properly, these factors can have a major impact on the bottom line of the project.

By using the right digital solution, project owners can overcome these challenges. It can vastly enhance the way they manage projects. MTWO is the ultimate solution to help project owners achieve this.

4 Problems That Affect Construction Performance

Here are four of the main factors that can affect the performance of any construction project.

  • Using too many tools that aren’t connected or integrated.

    This slows down workflows and collaboration because it makes it difficult to manage project data.
  • Poor collaboration.

    A lack of collaboration and communication results in project delays, budget issues and more.
  • Data silos.

    Having too much unorganised data results in massive time-wasting, which affects profits.
  • Long implementation times.

    The implementation phase of a project often takes longer than it should.

5 Ways MTWO Improves Project Performance

Digitising processes with MTWO is a smart way for project owners to overcome common construction problems. This will help to boost the performance of each project.


With enhanced planning, control, collaboration, and decision making, MTWO can allow project owners to increase productivity by up to 30%. Choosing the right digital tools for construction is essential if you want to drive better performance. This is easy with MTWO so be sure to check it out today.

With a shorter implementation time, projects can move along a lot faster, and productivity can increase.

Long implementation time is a common problem that project owners face. With MTWO’s Go Live in 48 Hours solution, project workflows can be set up for fast deployment. This can be achieved through pre-configured templates, workflows, and best practice standards included in the solution.

Decrease Implementation Time

In fact, MTWO enhances decision making processes even further with the MTWO Artificial Intelligence feature. This takes historical data from projects and creates predictions, forecasts and recommendations for the best way forward. Doing this makes decision making far more efficient while minimising risk.

As a result, teams gain complete visibility on a project in terms of scope, cost, schedule, safety, and more. These fast insights allow for quicker data-backed decision making.

The MTWO Control Tower puts together an interactive dashboard where all relevant information is displayed and structured. This way, all team members can utilise information effectively and better understand the project’s performance.

Project owners can establish far better processes for workflows with MTWO. All of the data from every project is put together to allow comparisons and decision making from past project data.

Gain Meaningful Insights for Better Decision-Making

Doing this all through one platform with a centralised data source saves time and helps to keep the project moving forward.

As a project owner, you can include partnerships on the platform across the company. This could be with architects, consulting firms, contractors, suppliers, and anyone else involved.

By using a single cloud-based platform, all teams involved in the project can improve the way they collaborate. All data is connected and keeps everyone on the same page. Involved parties can access this data anytime, from any device.

Improve Collaboration

With MTWO, project owners aren't limited throughout the project. Everything can be done through one platform and its integrations make it far easier to scale with MTWO.

MTWO uses an open API, which allows for integration with other technologies. This enables the platform to extend its capabilities into other areas of the construction project. For example, MTWO fully integrates with design and ERP software to allow for financial, supply chain, and stock management.

A Fully Integrated Platform

All data from each phase of the project is also transferred directly to the next phase. As such, the projects become far more efficient to manage.

This means all stakeholders collaborating on a project can always stay updated with the same information to improve the project workflow.

Project owners can utilise project simulation during planning for better decision making. They can use 5D BIM for better management. In addition, they can access up-to-date data at all times.

MTWO is a complete construction cloud platform that allows you to manage every stage of a project from one place. From pre-construction planning to the building and operation phases, MTWO makes it easy to control every process through a single solution.

Manage the Entire Project Lifecycle From a Single Platform

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