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Andrew Skudder

Candy and Cash Flow

“There are many new technologies that are entering the MEP sector. Smart cities, smart homes, energy-efficient buildings, Internet of Things (IOTs) are just a few examples of where MEP services are being used widely. It is hard to follow the speed of the development of the technology. The material and equipment, the design methods, engineering solutions and whole system are changing through technological development. Companies must adopt themselves to these new technological changes amazingly fast.” says Andrew Skudder, CEO, CCS.

“In such a rapidly changing environment, certainly of cost, time and quality is of critical importance. Insufficient monitoring of project processes leads to uncertainties as to profitability. It is right now that all contractors should produce better estimates and have closer control over projects and better monitoring of earned value and cash flows. At times like this, ‘cash is king’ and CCS solutions are designed to give management the tools they need to control their cash effectively.”
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