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Secure data access from anywhere in the world, using any device.

Candy Cloud delivers the perfect balance of data access and security, ensuring that all your business decisions are based on the most up-to-date information. Empower stakeholder collaboration and gain peace of mind with a managed, hosted, centralised database offering.



  • All company project data in one online, centralised database.

  • Dedicated environment for your organisation.

  • Provides secure, customisable high-level architecture to meet all your data security, access and management needs.

  • Full-service management and hosting using centralized databases.

  • Device-agnostic, global access for all authorised users with no special hardware required.

  • Run Candy & QTO on your iPad or Android Tablet for a seamless multi-user experience.

  • Facilitates collaboration and data-sharing between stakeholders through enhanced multi-channel integration.


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Data security and protection

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Scalable to accommodate enterprise growth

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Centralised databases

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Multi-platform accessibility

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GDPR-compliant data centres and infrastructure

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No special hardware required

Why Candy Cloud

stands out from the rest

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The power of Candy estimating and project
control accessible from anywhere in the world
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Central database for all company data

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World-class data security

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Allows 2D take-off with Navisworks®

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Allows Candy to run on Mac computers

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Available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS

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Global access

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Full password control


Dedicated environment that can be scaled according to your specific needs.

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