Training MEP ESTIMATING (C205)

MEP Estimating

Course Outline

Gain an in-depth understanding of the MEP estimating system. This course will build on your basic grasp of procedures and leave you comfortable with advanced features.

Recommended For



2 days


    • Computer literacy and keyboard proficiency is assumed.
    • Knowledge of MEP estimating procedures is required


    • Starting Up
    • Candy User Interface
    • Importing the Bill of Quantities
    • Pricing Using Worksheets (plug rate pricing, trade definitions, split rate pricing etc.)
    • Masters
    • Worksheet Tools and Shortcuts
    • Subcontractors Adjudicator
    • Trade Totals Display & Resource Analysis
    • Production Codes
    • Indirect Cost
    • Mark Up
    • Summarising Resources into Cost and Group Codes
    • Controlling Labour and Plant using Task Codes
    • Forecasting the BOQ using Candy Planning
    • Value Engineering & Re-modeling
    • Post Tender Control