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Only available in South Africa at this time

Why spend months developing your own Master Library when you can get started on tried and tested Candy Master Templates built on years of industry experience, best practice and refinement!

The real power of Candy lies in First Principles Estimating which is a key method used to build these Master Libraries. The bill items would be priced using the power of worksheets in Candy and would be built up to include various components such as labour, plant, material, subcontractors and supervision with productions and wastage factors built in. These all form the basis of your organisation’s competitive advantage and therefore forms the basis of your Candy Master Library.

We’ve done all the hard work in compiling various Candy Master Templates that conform to the following standards in South Africa:

  • JBCC Series 2000 used for Building Projects
  • General Civil work set up within SABS framework adaptable for SANS
  • Roads, Earthworks and Bridges set up in accordance with COLTO 2000 + series


Our Candy Master Templates will enable your organisation to speed-up, maintain, standardise and improve accuracy in the pricing process thereby giving you the competitive advantage.

  • Time saving
  • Improved efficiency
  • Based on best business practices and processes
  • Rapid start-up with ability to input your own construction methods
  • Improved accuracy during estimating
  • Structured template worksheets for Bill items and complex resources
  • Pre-set heading level structure for the BOQ
  • Pre-set heading level structure for the resource list
  • Pre-set resource coding structure
  • Pre-set trades, resource types & global variables
  • Template indirect bill to assist in pricing the Preliminaries
  • All resource rates are zeroed
  • All worksheets are provisional
  • Worksheets require input and editing to conform to your organisations construction methods
  • These masters contain certain sections of the standard specifications, not all of them.
  • All mark-up is zeroed
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