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Candy is the ultimate construction project management software for the built environment.

From on-screen quantity take-off, estimating and project planning through to final certificate, Candy targets the unique requirements of construction and engineering contractors; providing an interactive link between the bill of quantity (BOQ), estimate and program in one exceptional project management solution.

This is achieved by combining powerful features within a single user interface that eliminates departmental silos while aligning time and money to deliver a wealth of forecast information.

Why choose


  • Conveniently combines powerful features into a single-user interface.

  • Based on First Principles Resource-Based Estimating to substantially improve speed, accuracy, transparency and auditability of estimation and project controls.

  • Confidently and quickly produce reliable and competitive estimates and quotes so you can submit and win more bids.

  • Data integrity – know where your numbers come from, how they were calculated, by who and when.

  • Re-use, repeat and repurpose your estimate data and effect changes with ease and assurance that your costs are accurately calculated.

  • Upfront and downstream purchasing and productivity control allowing you to accurately identify and manage the procurement quantity, productivity and budgetary allowances for every resource on the project.

  • Powerful tender and resource analysis, planning, forecasting, and ‘cost vs. allowable’ reports.


Using the built-in quantity take-off system within Candy, estimators can seamlessly and digitally compile / update bill of quantity information using PDF and CAD drawing formats. A user can measure estimating and valuation quantities directly and utilise this data across all aspects of the project control process.

Estimating is one of the key functionalities of Candy. Developed using high-level pricing or First Principles Resource-Based Estimating, this gives the software the ability to generate powerful tender and resource analysis data. This information seamlessly flows from the tender to implementation stage, to project.

Easy to use and easy integration with other related modules, you can submit bids with efficiency, speed and confidence.

Candy also standardises estimating for small, medium, and large companies in the engineering and construction industry while being updated regularly to meet industry requirements.

Providing a powerful critical path network designed specifically for the built environment, the planning and scheduling tools within Candy are designed to be used effectively by non-planners and professionals alike. Together with Candy Estimating, a user also has access to cash flow analysis and cost/value forecasts, as well as a variety of resource histograms.

Used to build a financial model of the project and do scenario planning, so all forecast costs and revenue can be understood and handled in the most effective manner; Candy Cash Flow draws information from both the estimate and the project program. This allows cash flow settings like payment lags, retentions, and day of costs close to be applied; allowing changes to be easily analysed and the cash flow implications of cost and income to be assessed.

Bringing time and money together within Candy, the interactive link between the estimate and program provides detailed financial and resource forecasts. Any changes to the project program or estimate automatically update these forecasts as well as the resources contained therein.

Candy Valuations ensure continuity between estimating and project implementation commercial control, giving you instant access to all estimate information. This provides the project team with full post-tender commercial control including variation and final account management. This process also delivers an accurate budget / allowable based on the work done to date, insight into over / under claims, and the cost to completion.

Subcontract management refers to the process of controlling progress quantities and providing rolling subcontract updates. Candy handles subcontract management by supplying information on the subcontractor bill together with other costs, claims, contra-charges, materials on site, and variation orders. When integrated with BuildSmart, for the Complete Solution, end-to-end control is achieved; from adjudication and package award through to period measures, payment, and final retention release.

By importing accurate and real-time costs for cost-and-allowable comparisons, Candy simplifies earned value management (EVM) while ensuring users enjoy effective cost control management. The EVM functionality within Candy also provides a series of curves and derivatives that can be used to control and measure the performance of a project. When integrating Candy and BuildSmart for the Complete Solution, real-time cost analysis is possible; providing an accurate and unique ‘cost vs. allowable’ comparison.

Why Candy

stands out

from the rest

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Improved accuracy, transparency and auditability of estimation and project control.

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Powerful yet user friendly, designed to work the way you think.

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Fit-for-purpose technology designed by experienced construction industry professionals.

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Versatile and scalable: used by small, medium, and large entities.

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Access to industry professionals – we’re available when you need us most!

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Enhanced and developed continually based on both user and industry requirements and best practices.

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Dynamic integration with BuildSmart for upfront purchase control, subcontract management, and accurate budget / allowable vs. cost analysis and reporting.

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New versions and updates available, via download, at no additional charge.




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We offer online, in-class, on-site and
e-learning training options to help you get the most out of your software solution. Whether you're a graduate estimator or a seasoned site engineer, our tailored training will help you level-up your skills.
Whatever your need or challenge, our team of experienced industry professionals can help you deliver results by drawing on practical experience, lessons learned and industry best practice.
Expert support, assistance and advice on the practical application of our solutions in person, by email, electronic support log, telephone or remote access services.
Why spend months developing your own Master Library when you can get started on tried and tested Candy Master Templates built on years of industry experience, best practice and refinement?



Candy Cloud is a secure desktop-as-a-service solution that allows Candy to be deployed online, accessed and fully managed from any location. It is available on Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services platforms.

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