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De Simone Group


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De Simone Group


With an incredible heritage that dates back two generations, the De Simone Group is one of the leading construction organisations in West Africa. Since its formation in 1964, the company has expanded its operations beyond Ghana’s borders, to territories including Burkina Faso and Nigeria, while completing major projects across all spheres of construction.

The Challenge

Before approaching RIB CCS, De Simone utilised a spreadsheet-based workflow to compile and keep track of their estimates. This resulted in data retention problems and no way to perform an in-depth analysis of their estimation data. The manual nature of the system also meant that it was slow and inefficient.

For construction estimators and quantity surveyors, Candy is an extremely effective estimation solution. Put simply, it’s a must-have.

The Solution

To address the challenges De Simone were facing, RIB CCS recommended Candy Construction Project Management Software.

The Result

Today, thanks to Candy’s standardised and streamlined approach to estimating, De Simone are empowered with tools that ensure their estimates are always accurate and can be generated confidently for efficient tender submissions.

With the ability to retain and manage their estimation data effectively, the company can now reuse and repurpose this information for new projects; leading to significant time savings without the need to start estimates from scratch. This pool of data is also used for in-depth project analysis.

And finally, with various modules designed to integrate the estimation process and other construction project categories, De Simone can link their construction programme, cash flow and valuations for even greater cost control.

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