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CCS Cares

On the 2nd of May CCS Centurion donated the training room computers to Weirda Park Primary School.

Weirda Park Primary School is a newly opened school in an area that has a shortage of schools.  There currently have 1,000 pupils. They don’t have a hall yet, so we joined them for the morning assembly that was held in the quad.

Our very own Andrew Skudder, CCS CEO,  addressed the children on the importance of technology in education. We were received with enthusiasm and gratefulness from the children and the Principle and they expressed how humble they were that “A CEO came in person”. The head boy thanked CCS on behalf of the school and the computers were handed over to the prefects. The school is currently converting a store room into a library and media centre for the children to do research and homework.

We left that morning with warm hearts and excitement for the future of these children.

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