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Jo, Amira and Fady at the Value Engineering summit

RIB CCS Gulf’s Fady Kobersy weighs in at the Value Engineering Summit in Dubai

RIB CCS Gulf proudly sponsored the Big Project Middle East Value Engineering Summit that took place on Tuesday, 9th April 2019, at the Oberoi Hotel in Dubai.

Value Engineering (VE) can make a considerable difference to the success of a project and a client’s bottom line. VE has emerged as a divisive issue in the regional construction industry, with advocates and doubters sparring over its effectiveness and viability in reducing costs and improving efficiency and operations on projects.

The Summit offered, through a series of dialogues, professionals an opportunity to discuss, debate and define the various solutions that VE can offer. With our very own Fady Kobersy, Head of Customer Success, participating in the “Utilising Technology and Software during the Value Engineering process” panel discussion.

With Value Engineering now having access to sophisticated new sets of economic software tools that can, in real-time, determine in dollar terms who benefits and by how much from a given design scenario, this discussion revolved around how the latest software and technology can be applied to the VE process.

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