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Joanna Pollard

CCS – Market Leaders in MENA

In terms of marketing, how does your department help in positioning CCS as one of the market leaders? What attributes do you bring to CCS and how has it been utilized since you have been there?

“Software isn’t tangible.  You can’t touch it, wear it, eat it or smell it and this makes it quite a challenge to market and sell.  What we have done in the last few years is appeal to the imagination – what you can create with it.  The power on your side to build ICONIC structures and still be profitable at the end of the project.

Interacting with clients, prospects and employees is now an integral component for any successful business. At CCS, we have a many-pronged approach tailored to prospective clients as well as the enrichment and continuous up-skilling of our existing clients & staff.

What I enjoy most about this profession is that is allows for the opportunity to combine both creativity and business acumen which has led to some fantastic experiences during my tenure at CCS.  I’ve rolled out a new Website and taken the company through a corporate brand refresh – one that is strong and memorable in our Clients, Users and Partners minds. Both define clearly who we are, what we stand for, and what makes us different.  We’ve focused on building brand loyalty though the introduction of CCS User Seminars throughout MENA, ensured our participation in a variety of Exhibitions & Construction related Events as speakers and sponsors, as well as the introduction of CCS Social Media pages and a variety of Digital & Print marketing, PR and CSR programs close to our hearts.

My team and I have worked hard, but we’ve had a lot of fun along the way.”

Goals and Objectives

CCS has been a fantastic learning curve and every year has brought a new and exciting challenge.  2019 is no different with the introduction of new business partners, new technology and the ever-changing nature of effective marketing and the Construction and Software Industries. MENA still holds immense potential for us to expand our existing and new User base. Many Users underutilise our Solutions and one of our priorities is to enable them to realise the potential and maximise on the capability of their investments – which is imperative in the current economic climate.

Importance of Teamwork

“Teamwork makes the dream work.”  Collaboration within a group can help solve difficult problems and brainstorming is a good opportunity for our team to exchange ideas and come up with creative ways of doing things. By working together, we find the solutions that work best.  As Jack Welch (former Chairman of General Electric) so famously said “You want every brain in the game.”

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