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Lalu Varghese

CCS Providing leading edge software to the Indian Market

“The distinguishing factor separating CCS from other Software providers is the fact that the software has been produced by construction professionals, was developed specifically for the industry and addresses all the budgeting and cost elements in the course of the construction phase of projects.  We have produced software that uses the latest technology, is innovative and ‘Leading edge’ – not bleeding edge.” says Lalu Varghese.

He goes on to discuss :

  • What are the USP’s of CCS products vis-à-vis competition
  • Important projects CCS Software has been associated with in the Indian market eg: Tata Projects, ITD Cementation, AFCONS, Patel Engineering, Capacite Infrprojects, PSP Projects and more.
  • latest research, design and innovations
  • Future outlook for the industry and CCS

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