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CCS UK & Loughborough University – Taking our passion for construction to the next generation

Taking our passion for construction to the next generation, for nearly 30 years CCS UK has partnered with Loughborough University to prepare students for the future of the built environment through a comprehensive introduction to Candy.

Developed specifically for 4th-year Construction Engineering Management and Commercial Management & Quantity Surveying students, this 10-week course consists of lectures and practical sessions where individuals work with the software to learn how it can manage every aspect of a construction project-from quantity take-off and estimating to planning and cash flow.

First introduced to the university in the early 1990s, CCS Executive Dave Corfield has supervised this partnership for just as long and is also actively involved in refining the programme every year in the lead up to Loughborough’s first semester. Through this process, student feedback is incorporated to ensure the course is continually improved upon.

As part of their final project, students are given a partially completed estimate and are required to fill in missing information by analysing production rates, team sizes, outputs and the cost of resources. This estimate is then linked to a partially completed programme, or schedule of works, to create a cash flow and forecast. By completing this complex exercise, the students-most of whom are sponsored by CCS clients-are provided with an incredible grounding in the same technology they’ll be using when entering the job market.

For almost three decades, the Candy short course at Loughborough University has helped propel students’ careers forward into the age of digital construction. And, it looks set to do so for many more to come.

To learn more about Candy, our partnership with Loughborough University and how you can implement the same course at your institution; please reach out to CCS General Manager Pat Cooper

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