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Andrew Skudder After the Boom article

After the Boom now is the time for construction companies to get back control of their operations

Andrew Skudder, CEO, CCS, advises now is the time for construction companies to get back control of their operations.

With the GCC construction industry enduring a tough economic climate following years of unprecedented growth, contractors are realising the value of greater control and transparency in their operations.

Unfortunately, according to Andrew Skudder, the construction industry has been relatively slow to adopt information technology, where spending on IT accounts for less than 1% of revenues.

Candy & BuildSmart together provide the most powerful tool in the construction industry today to provide critical real-time management information to you to take timely management actions to control your project cost and to increase your margins. Separately, these are available from a myriad of suppliers, but what sets CCS apart from them is the interconnectedness of these modules-one company and solution for your entire contracting business.

In essence, CCS provides the complete construction enterprise solution through adopting a ‘best of brands’ approach by integrating the essential elements of budgetary or allowable control and cost accounting to provide contractors with real time, reliable, auditable, accurate and activity based comparative analysis of costs and allowables, the essential information that determines the success or failure of a construction venture for the contractor.

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