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Construction Opportunities Lalu Vargheese

Construction Opportunities: Construction & Project Management Software

With over 35 years’ experience in providing specialised software solutions for the construction & engineering industries, Construction Computer Software (CCS) has built an international reputation for excellence in doing just that. In a recent development, the company has brought advanced versions of its software – CCS BuildSmart and CCS Candy. In an exclusive interview, Lalu Varghese, Director, CCS’s India operations speaks to Construction Opportunities about the latest trends in the PMs industry, the main challenges, strategies to overcome them and the future outlook.

Briefly give us an overview of the construction & project management software industry, the latest technology trends, and the business drivers? 

Software solutions play a critical role in cost control to ensure that cost overruns on projects are avoided and where possible projects are even delivered under budget to the benefit of the contractor and all stakeholders. cost control is a process that should be continued throughout the project life cycle from first estimate to final account sign-off to ensure that the cost of a project is kept within the agreed budget. integrated software solutions that span the project life cycle, that integrate budget and actual cost and provide real-time analysis are key differentiators to contractors in a high risk, low margin industry.

Construction Computer Software (CCS) has been developed by contractors, for contractors to provide specialist software solutions to the construction industry – and has been doing so for over 35  years. With a global presence of 12 offices in 9 countries and an extensive network of distributors and call centers worldwide, over 1,400 contracting companies and 40,000 users are serviced and supported on a daily basis. Users, from small and medium construction companies to some of the largest construction entities in the world have implemented CCS solutions on some of the biggest and most prestigious projects on the planet.  Having spent many years in construction, CCS has defined and refined a computerized construction management solution that allows construction organisations to evaluate, monitor and control their spend in real time – effectively integrating their cost management and reporting with their books of account. the solution makes use of the web to allow for the accumulation of daily costing data, from remote locations to a central server. The information gathered is used to compare with budgeting information prepared during the bid phase of the project.

The distinguishing factor separating the CCS system from others is the fact that the software has been produced by construction professionals, was written specifically for the industry and addresses all the budgeting and cost elements in the course of the construction phase of projects.
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