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Construction team raising crane with sun overhead

Construction Opportunities Outlook for tall buildings in India is very good

Due to its twin products Candy and BuildSmart, CCS clients can recap a unique synergy between both products, something which no other software vendor in the construction sector has managed to achieve. In an exclusive interview to Construction Opportunities, Ian Hauptfleisch, Regional Head (MENA, Europe and Central, North & South Asia), Construction Computer Software (PTY), expounds upon the virtues of their twin offerings and discusses his outlook for the Indian tall building market.

Your assessment of trends in software technologies developed specially for the construction of tall buildings.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) practices, processes, and associated software technologies, have and still are playing a significant role across the construction spectrum, and some would argue none more so than in the construction of buildings… of all shapes and sizes.

BIM is essential for efficient control of a construction project, from design through to facilities and asset lifetime management.

Construction Opportunities

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