BuildSmart, Construction Cost Management Software that outperforms generic ERP solutions. 

BuildSmart provides contractors with the tools to make informed decisions using real-time data.

As a feature-rich enterprise financial accounting and cost management solution, it empowers contractors to take control of costs, report accurately and deliver results. 

  • Fit-for-purpose software solution
  • Designed by industry professionals
  • Transforms businesses in the built environment

11 Reasons Why BuildSmart Trumps Generic ERP Solutions


Our Unique Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) report is unrivalled in the construction industry!

The most important aspect of a project is understanding how profitable it will be. This is achieved by separating completed tasks from those still in progress. Once you know your final revenue forecast, you can then accurately state the current final position of a project.
Knowing where your project stands will enable you to correct and influence its outcome. By providing a complete and real-time report on all activities affecting a project, BuildSmart empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions based on its status.
With complete accounting of all costs, from tender to final accounts, this solution breaks financial data down into commercial and operational silos; delivering one source of truth to all parties.


Information at Your Fingertip

  • Detailed real time actual plus accrued verse allowable / budgeted reporting
  • By project, contract, activity, cost type and cost code
  • Key commodity tracking, budget vs actual quantity, rate and total value.
  • In system cost reporting linked to bespoke cost reports


Multiple Dashboards


The BuildSmart dashboards provide you with visual analysis of various fundamental parameters and metrics enabling:

  • Enhance Visibility
  • An Overview of key KPIs
  • Better Decision Making
  • Assessment of Performance
  • Creation of Actionable Insights

11 Reasons BuildSmart Trumps Generic ERP Solutions


BuildSmart contract debtors’ invoices are based on the valuation process; considering the construction elements of total work done, previous and current months combined with the control of advances, contra charges and retentions with release dates.

Management Report

By separating completed tasks from those still in progress, BuildSmart produces intelligent reports that focus on critical data such as costs reconciliations, budgets vs allowables, and earned value management. Thus, the project profitability can be accurately monitored.


BuildSmart’s procurement module is integrated with Candy (RIB’s estimating & project control solution) and works with Candy’s shopping resource list. This ensures visibility of the resource level allowable in quantity, rate, and total during the construction process.


With a complete toolbox to support plant monitoring, ownership, maintenance and running costs at a group, category, or individual item level; BuildSmart enables the complete management of a plant fleet - no matter its size or location.


BuildSmart is flexible and can serve multiple organisations, including full or partial consolidations based on percentage shares of joint ventures or shareholding. International groups are also fully covered by excellent multi-currency functionality.

Contract timespans

With BuildSmart’s ability to report on a contract over multiple financial years while considering current transactions, users are provided with the life-to-date position of a contract for accurate year-to-date reporting.


BuildSmart features a ledger with a dedicated costing section that accounts for profit allocation (as per the IFRS 15 standard for construction) and offers complete control of, and reporting on, work in progress.


BuildSmart users stay on top of every invoice and payment made, thanks to contract debtors’ statements that always report retentions and advances correctly.

Income and Expenditure Tracking

BuildSmart generates reports that are critical for construction companies seeking to understand the actual value of their contracts and identify areas in which greater financial efficiency can be achieved.

Differentiation between Subcontractors and Creditors

BuildSmart is designed to accommodate the unique payment processes of subcontractors.

User Permissions

Designed to bring all stakeholders onto the same platform but limit access according to their roles and authority matrixes.

You wouldn’t use a forklift to break ground so why use any generic ERP solution?

BuildSmart is designed for the built environment and requires no additional customisation or investment to perform at its full potential.  Contact us to make the right choice for your construction business today.

Organisations around the world use BuildSmart

Stephen Anderson
Financial Director
"I would definitely recommend RIB Software because of the ease of the transaction flow, seamless interaction between all facets and the ability to access pricing reports with a simple click. Everything you need is conveniently accessible on the dashboard and it's amazing how they've continuously improved even the smallest details."
Gavin Morrow
“If you don't have the controls and processes in place to guarantee that your projects (which are the heartbeat of any construction company) are producing the profits that are required to ensure that you can deliver on your mandate, as the CEO: I recommend BuildSmart, because without it, you're running blind.”
Christo Smal
Commercial Manager
“Generic ERP solutions are largely built for a retail environment while BuildSmart is designed exclusively for the construction industry. When you purchase this product you also get the whole package as opposed to other solutions that adopt a modular approach; this works extremely well because it enables us to explore and benefit from even more functionality the longer we run the system as an integrated solution. ”
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