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Peter Cheney

Construction Week Five minutes with: Peter Cheney, CCS

Over the past 30-plus years, CCS has developed a process that tracks the initial asset investment throughout the planning, feasibility, and project stage. Pre-tender, pre-bid, post-bid, all the way through the entire process and thereafter; in other words, final account.

It does this in such a way that end users have a clear view of what the intent was with respect the allocation of a project’s resources, how to monitor and manage those resources throughout the project lifecycle, and of course, how to manage change with respect financial input.

One aspect that has become more prevalent over the years is the ability to forecast ‘cost to complete’ – a very important process. And that forecast, ‘cost to complete’, has got to happen throughout the lifecycle of a project. Really, the allocation of resources, the tracking of costs, and their management with respect the original allowable budget, is what we do. CCS has all of the processes and procedures required to do exactly that; that’s our business.

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