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    Your business will benefit from:
  • Huge time savings in BOQ pricing
  • Better Project Planning
  • Increase your ROI on all projects
  • Detailed bid analysis
  • Powerful reporting capabilities

  • The new normal of construction is digital
  • MTWO Complete Construction Cloud
  • One unified platform for project and enterprise digital management
  • How to implement the Complete Construction Cloud

  • Putting connectivity and scalability in the center of a long-term digital strategy
  • Adding sustainability to the digital agenda
  • Adopting and integrated platform instead of disconnected point solutions

  • The Inherent Flaws of Generic ERP
  • Build Better with BuildSmart
  • BuildSmart Highlights
  • The Way Forward

  • What are these 5 pillars?
  • Why are they essential to your change management plan?

Our tips for positioning to win construction contracts against the backdrop of a hungry and competitive construction industry

  • How Technology addresses the challenges of the Construction Industry
  • ‘One source of truth’ as a principle at use in the industry today that provides a totally integrated view of costs, offering a direct impact on outcomes

  • Learn how to retrieve data that drives control
  • Control budgets across projects
  • Increase your ROI on all projects

  • Understanding VAT in the GCC
  • Mechanism of VAT
  • How RIB CCS can help your business

Man holding construction hat and giving thumbs up

  • The general principles of technological disruption
  • Focus on the construction industry and exploring how it is ripe for change
  • The key benefits of digital transformation and why it is essential for success
  • How to effectively plan and implement the digitalisation of your own business.
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Construction Professional’s
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