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Jayakishan, Senior Consultant for CCS Gulf

CCS Gulf’s Jayakishan G weighs in on “How technology is changing the Construction Sector”

Jayakishan G, Senior Consultant for CCS Gulf, attended the ‘Construction Technology Forum 2018’ in Dubai on the 25th and 26th of  September 2018, where he took part in a panel session discussing ‘How Technology is Changing the Construction Sector’.

The Construction Technology Forum 2018 is a new two-day event designed to provide insights on how adopting technology can reduce operational costs, boost productivity and enhance overall quality across all elements of the industry supply chain. The agenda explored the ongoing transformation of the industry as the adoption and implementation of technology is accelerated.  35+ leading industry stakeholders, those developing the ‘big-ticket’ GCC transport, utilities and building projects, took part.

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