Coding, or programming, is what moves our modern world forward. Programming decides on how we use technology, and how technology will shape our future.  And who’s in charge of all of this? Computer programmers.  

With the world slowly starting to return to some kind of normality, we too are making plans to safely return back to our offices.

This Women’s Month, we celebrate Yolandi Jonker, Business Development Executive at RIB CCS, as she talks about her successful journey in the engineering & construction industry.

Construction Computer Software


If you want to succeed in the built environment, collaboration is key. Unfortunately, the multi-layered complexity of most construction projects  means that stakeholders often fail to achieve true cohesion. 

The days of siloed departments and data are over. As more construction companies embrace the power of cloud computing, they not only reap the benefits of increased productivity, but also greater project success.

We must be willing to campaign for change for our organisations and bold enough to join forces to accelerate change across the industry.