Speakers at RIB CCS’ second #FutureNow conference explored the necessity for digital transformation and how to manage the inevitable changes it brings – for people, processes and productivity.

Construction companies that have committed to digital transformation will be able to integrate more effectively, enhance their business offerings, improve their capabilities and reap the greatest rewards.

We’re proud to welcome Washirika 3 Oaks to the BuildSmart family!

Construction Computer Software


As companies are digitizing, they are quickly shifting everything to the cloud. This is a necessary step for smarter growth. However, this also means that many companies are spending more than they should on cloud migration. 

The construction industry is steadily digitizing and adopting new technologies. Implementing new construction management software offers massive advantages. 

What is slowing down productivity and what can we do about it? We’ve outlined some of the most important areas that impact productivity in this blog.