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Mining Weekly sector focus

Mining Weekly – Sector focuses on cost, project control solutions

While the mining sector is mainly focused on old production methods, the economy has changed the market in terms of commodities, labour structure and technology.

This has led to the sector being more sensitive to cost and expenditure, which has resulted in the focus on better financial or cost control and project control solutions, says mining software solutions provider CCS Mining & Industrial (CCSMI) MD Joe de Klerk.

This opens up the market for companies, such as CCSMI, to make its products more applicable, important and beneficial, since its software offers the financial control the mining industry needs to keep abreast of project costs.

CCSMI believes that project success lies in control and that “the right software will provide you with not only control of your actual spend but also an intimate level of understanding of budgetary amounts, quantities, rates and actual costs”.

This understanding brings all the key role-players in the company together to make informed decisions from a holistic view of the project costs, De Klerk says.

He adds that the overall success of any capital-intensive project is dependent on delivery on time and within budget while maintaining the project’s profit margin.

“The right software with the right controls will help project managers understand where they have overspent, but more importantly, it will help them to re-budget the project to completion, highlighting future problem areas. This will then allow management to take timely corrective action, which will result in cost savings.”

CCSMI offers solutions related to infrastructure planning, linked to the three-dimensional (3D) mine plan, along with the financial planning, which is the company’s niche product offering.

The product offering also includes CCS Candy, an estimating and project control solution and CCS BuildSmart, an enterprise management solution.

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