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Peter Damhuis

Putting the ‘I’ in BIM

See what Peter Damhuis, CCS Business Analyst has to say on “Putting the ‘I’ in BIM”, in this July 2017 issue of Big Projects.

Peter Damhuis, CCS business analyst, observes that a comprehensive BIM strategy requires all project and asset information to be shared to succeed.

“A popular misconception is that BM (Building Modelling) is in fact BIM (Building Information Modelling), and various theories and perceptions exist on what the ‘I’ in BIM really means and incorporates. For example, a modeller may include all the construction information required to construct the model and can be considered representative of BIM or at least a component thereof, but a comprehensive BIM strategy requires ALL project and asset information, documentation and data, in an electronic format, available throughout the full life-cycle of the asset.”



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