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Global Newsletter Insights - issue 4

RIB CCS Insights Global Newsletter – Issue 4

Dear Clients and Business Partners,

With the world slowly starting to return to some kind of normality, we too are making plans to safely return back to our offices. While the transition 18 months ago to a completely virtual way of working was fairly seamless for us, we’ve taken the steps in designing a hybrid working model which provides our staff with the flexibility to work where it makes sense. This filters into our engagements with you, our valued Clients and Partners too. With the strictest COVID protocols in place, we’ll start to reignite our in-person services like training, implementations, consulting and events for those that prefer it. If however you’re more comfortable with things remaining virtual, then that option is still there for you too. It’s all about what makes sense for you.

As we move towards our new way of working, with you at the centre of everything we do, we hope that your business has found and embraced your new normal too.

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