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Ian Hauptfleisch

Software is merely a tool set… how you use it is essential!

“Software doesn’t make people work – people make software work, our software is merely a tool set… how you use it is essential” says CCS Gulf GM, Ian Hauptfleisch in this weeks Construction Week article on MONEY MATTERS – Streamline with Technology. (see from page 36)

“The management of cost incorporates monitoring, comparing and predicting the actual cost versus the budgeted spend – the latter obviously crucial in the cost management process – as a value and in granularity that is practically achievable, comparable and informative. Within the construction and engineering space, both cost and budget take on an additional dimension…engineering cost and budget  i.e. what has been used compared to what planned to be used in terms of resources, equipment, manpower, wastage, time etc. It’s one thing to know that there’s been an over-spend, the next thing is to find out why, where, who and when and how to correct and plan for the future. We consider a more apt term to be Earned Value Management – theoretically simple but often not so in practice.”

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