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The #1 Solution for a Single Source of Truth

Transform your data into actionable insights that inform your organisation’s strategic and tactical business decisions with RIB CCS Connect.

Through technology-driven processes, Connect seamlessly and securely pulls your RIB CCS solution data into one central place so that you and your team can review, analyse and deliver accurate answers to your business critical questions – anywhere, anytime, on any device - in real-time.

  • Seamlessly brings together your RIB CCS solution data into one central place for access to actionable intelligence and information, in real-time.
  • Empowers you to make faster, more meaningful and informed decisions with a single source of the truth.
  • Brings all the key role-players together and enables online collaboration and transparency thereby breaking down silos within their organisation.
  • Maximises your resources, enhances efficiency and productivity; ultimately driving better profit margins.
  • Allows for greater project management and control by enabling insight into every single aspect of all projects, at all stages.
  • Access to customisable dashboards that can be tailored for a single view and live updates of key project and company wide information.
  • A key feature included in Connect is a comprehensive electronic request for quote (eRFQ) system that seamlessly integrates with both Candy and BuildSmart. Connect eRFQ simplifies and automates the procurement of subcontract and material quotations from suppliers, streamlining your pre- and post-tender processes.
  • Bid/Tender Management and Dashboards
  • Contract Management and Dashboards
  • Topsheet Finalisation
  • Cost Reporting
  • eRFQ and Vendor Management
  • Enterprise BI
  • Benchmarking
  • The power of the seamless integration between the RIB CCS Complete Solution (Candy & BuildSmart) and Connect.
  • Fit-for-purpose business intelligence technology designed by experienced construction industry professionals.
  • Availability of real-time information, on the fly.
  • Round the clock support from industry professionals and experts.
  • Ongoing development on industry best practices.

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