iTWO site is an integral part of RIB’s iTWO4.0 technology and the MTWO platform and allows mobile access to all of your construction site data.

iTWO site puts all of your project information in the palm of your hands, at the right time and in front of the right stakeholder. It’s company-wide, it’s integrated, safe and completely mobile.

With RIB iTWO site, you can set up documents, plans and processes individually for project sections, subprojects, trades, etc., based on the task. In this way, employees and project partners work with the correct level of knowledge and save coordination loops and consultation effort. This creates a win-win situation that also makes you an attractive business partner.

  • Plan management
  • Events and defects
  • Documents and photo documentation
  • BIM 5D integration
  • Construction journal
  • Communications portal (internal and external users)
  • Checklists and minutes of meetings
  • Project cockpit, budget report and progress report

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