Business Intelligence

The successful growth of any business is not just reliant on the latest business intelligence but being able to adapt quickly to that information. Missed opportunities can cost a company millions, simply due to the time it takes to obtain, analyse, and present data. Construction reporting solutions such as our Business Intelligence application is able to quickly and accurately transform raw data into concrete information that can be used as a solid foundation to capitalise on opportunities and speed up the decision making process.

The Business Intelligence (BI) partner product offers powerful report writing functionality and the freedom and flexibility to generate customised and automated Excel reports. These reports, often for management packs, can be formatted in exactly the way required and provide the data for graphic dashboard displays.

  • Right management information at the right time to make the right decisions
  • BI dashboards for a real-time graphical overview of the entire organisation
  • Easy and quick access to critical data for effective decision making
  • Advanced customisable & role-specific dashboards put you in charge of what you see, and how you see it
  • Data-driven decision making for significant business growth
  • Analyze historical as well as real-time data to identify future business opportunities and potential threats
  • Enterprise-wide data mining & reporting
  • Data Mining & Reporting
  • Automated Cost Reporting
  • Dash Boarding
  • Produce Management & Board Packs
  • Data Integrity & Audit Trail
  • Customised Presentation Reporting

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