Cost Reporting

As one of the most important factors in ensuring a project is delivered within budget, cost reporting becomes much more efficient with this BuildSmart module. Combining an innovative real-time cost reporting system of project/activity based costing with the ability to generate cross modular reports for sound decision making, this tool reduces the need for a separate reporting system. Accessible at any time, real time comparisons can be made at the touch of a button bringing all the information together for an integrated solution that works across multiple companies, projects and currencies, mitigating risk and ensuring your project is delivered as per the original estimate.

BuildSmart’s real time cost reporting capability ensures that the latest activity based costings and updates are readily available when required. BuildSmart makes it possible to accurately compare actual costs to anticipated project costs in real-time, allowing for timely management interventions and leading to improved margins and a competitive advantage.

  • Cross-Modular Reports show you the complete picture arming you with holistic information to make informed decisions
  • Multiple company consolidated reports and multi-currency translations
  • Full, configurable financial reporting to balance sheet
  • Reporting capabilities eliminate the need for a separate reporting tool
  • Project, Contract and Activity Costing
  • Actual Plus Accrued Costs for cost comparison
  • Separate contract ledger to consolidate project costs
  • Snap Shot Functionality
  • In System Commercial Controls
  • Real-time comparison
  • Plug and Play or Client Specific Cost Reports
  • Integrated with Candy Cost and Allowables and Valuations
  • Two way information sharing with Candy cost modeling and valuations
  • A powerful database

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