Labour payroll is notoriously complex in the construction industry with different types of contractors, taxes, trades, and payment structures all needing to be catered for. As a result, payments can often be delayed or incorrect causing frustration in both workers and payroll managers, which can have a damaging effect on morale. BuildSmart’s construction Payroll software prevents such grievances with its increased efficiency and accuracy. With this dedicated payroll for construction professionals, security is also a high priority and this system combines flexibility with peace of mind for a solution that integrates with other BuildSmart modules for a cohesive approach to your finances.

BuildSmart’s Payroll module is a powerful system that is seamlessly integrated with contract cost reporting and enterprise accounting, providing insight into labour costs as soon as they are captured. BuildSmart Payroll provides the user with total flexibility and produces all statutory calculations and reports. Importantly, as labour is a major component of cost, labour cost can be seamlessly provided by activity as well as cost code to Candy for real-time cost management.

  • Fully integrated with the other BuildSmart modules
  • Increased efficiency and accuracy in the Payroll process
  • Activity based costing for all labour expenses
  • Highly configurable earning and deduction calculations
  • Simple excel based imports for employee hours and earnings
  • Immediate accrual contract activity costs
  • Direct posting of payroll costs to the ledger
  • Managing PI (Personal Information) - Full audit trails, encrypted passwords, control access privileges and more.
  • Unlimited Employees & Payrolls
  • Regionally specific and compliant
  • Unlimited Earnings & Deductions
  • Standard, User & Statutory Calculation & Reporting
  • Offsite Batch Import
  • Flexible payroll types, pay periods and earning and deduction sets
  • Payslip production
  • User-defined parameters

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