Plant & Equipment Management

Poor asset utilisation and management can significantly delay a project, negatively affect productivity and reduce a company’s worth. BuildSmart’s Plant and Equipment Management module overcomes these challenges by providing information on the complete lifecycle of your assets - from purchase to in-use to disposal - simplifying processes and improving the return on your assets. Providing real time analysis, automated systems, and powerful reporting tools, this module makes construction plant & equipment management effective and productive.

BuildSmart’s Plant and Equipment Management module caters for both known methods of handling plant items, namely SMR (Service Meter Readings) and Hourly Readings. Job Cards can be issued to specific Plant Items so that the costs specific to that Plant Item can be monitored.

  • Fully integrated with the other BuildSmart modules
  • Accurately track & safeguard your assets
  • Excellent asset lifecycle management
  • Operational and maintenance excellence
  • Plant Availability and Utilization reporting
  • Plant Service scheduling and breakdown monitoring
  • Maximise asset utilization to boost your efficiencies and ROI
  • Full Workshop & Job Card system for internal and external works including MRP
  • Monitor & Manage Asset Productivity
  • Fuel Management
  • Enterprise-Wide Visibility
  • Internal and external Plant hire
  • Depreciation & Warranty Information
  • Usage History, Costs, Billing Rates, & Repair History
  • Multi-Currency, Multi-Company feature

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