Time & Attendance

In a demanding environment such as construction & engineering, time and attendance needs to be monitored regularly to avoid impacting budget and project delivery timelines. However, with numerous projects and teams performing various tasks on multiple sites, overseeing time and attendance becomes a huge challenge, without the help of the right software. This solution, with its wide range of identification technology, real-time integration with other modules and automated functions, saves numerous hours on manual work as well as providing higher levels of accuracy to support your goal of delivering a project on time and within budget.

The Time & Attendance partner product is fully integrated with the BuildSmart Payroll module. This allows accurate labour cost reporting with activity breakdown for full integration into Candy. This solution has been developed with an understanding of the construction & engineering environment, the site challenges, the need to identify employees and record essential information quickly with all sorts of site conditions.

  • Fully integrated with the BuildSmart Payroll module to support direct processing of approved hours
  • Tighter control of actual hours worked
  • Increased visibility on overtime
  • Efficient Planning and Shift Management
  • Increased Accuracy
  • A fair and real-time record of time checks and work hours
  • Direct interface to BuildSmart Payroll to support processing of approved hours
  • Reduced payroll expenses due to increased accuracy of hours worked and elimination of ghost employees
  • Eliminate paper usage and manual processes
  • Reduce manual capture of Timesheets & Job Cards
  • Accurately Track Productive Resources
  • Time Sheet Approval Workflows
  • Automated Rule Set
  • Management Reports
  • Integrated Into Payroll And HR In Real-time
  • Supports a wide range of field units and biometric identification technologies and for either fixed or mobile applications

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