Cash Flow

Candy has revolutionised the management of cash flow for construction projects in order to address cash flow challenges that are particularly common in the construction industry. A solid cash flow modelling plan can help negate issues such as labour-intensive work, the high cost of fixed assets, and the time lags between billing and receivables. With a variety of parameters, you can prepare for every eventuality with the latest figures and reports at your fingertips to pre-empt and negate risk, ensuring your projects are delivered within-budget.

This Candy module is specifically designed for construction cash flow modelling, helping you optimise each project’s cash flow requirements. The Cash Flow module is used to build a financial model of the construction project so that all costs can be understood and handled in the most effective manner. Candy Cash Flow can draw information from both the estimate and the project program, which allows variations to be easily tested and the latest bid figures to be included as they are made available.

  • Financial modeling and feasibility of projects
  • Weekly and monthly forecast cash flow analysis and reporting
  • Enjoy latest updates
  • Create manually, from estimate or forecast
  • Specify cash flow parameters such as days, weeks, months
  • Incorporate payment lags, escalation, interest on payment to suppliers and subcontractors, advances and loans
  • Generate NPV from weekly cash flow calculations
  • Main and subcontractor retention options
  • Multi-currency and exchange rate modelling
  • Combine multiple cash flows

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