Large variances in costs or scheduling can severely affect the viability of a project compromising cash flow and profitability. Our construction forecasting solution brings together the effect of past performance and the potential impact of future events to give you a full analytical breakdown of your project. Candy’s cost forecasting enables you to forecast quantities, values and resources, use estimating and valuation information, and assist with better project planning. Only Candy’s innovative software integrates the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) and the programme, allowing you to: allocate items from the BOQ to a programme’s activities; bill an item to many activities; and specify how much to allocate to each activity and where to spread the activity.

Thanks to the unique link between the BOQ and the programme, crucial information on the feasibility and progress of your project provides you with trend-based data to empower you to make knowledgeable decisions.

  • Provides invaluable information for feasibility and progress monitoring of a construction project
  • Assist in assessing the effect of changes to the project financing and help to focus on the important issues
  • Produce graphical and numeric histograms and “s-curves” for resource, quantity, budget and revenue forecasts
  • Provide source data for cashflow modelling and forecast costing
  • Forecast and manage multi-currency requirements
  • Forecast and manage manpower requirements
  • Enjoy latest updates
  • Dynamically link bill items to activities and/or vice versa
  • Auto-link the estimate and program
  • Price the program
  • Multiple and customisable document layouts
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping of data
  • Comprehensive standard and customisable reports

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