Prepare new construction project valuations and budgets with precision and quickly remodel tender information, after it has been submitted, with Candy’s Valuations module. It accurately manages values from each progressive measure allowing for updates in variation to produce a revised projected cost and completion date. Integrating with other modules such as Candy Subcontract and BuildSmart Procurement, this cost vs allowable solution is a seamless link between estimate and post tender offering an accessible and unique type of variation order management.

Candy’s Valuations module delivers continuity between estimating and post-tender commercial control. It gives you immediate access to all the information used to price the tender and allows on-site staff to carry out all post-tender commercial functions.

  • Provides continuity between Estimating and the post-tender commercial control
  • Tender information can be rapidly remodelled to reflect changes since tender submission
  • Variation and re-measurement pricing and control
  • Production, resource, manhours and wastage analysis and reporting for better control
  • Dynamically integrates with BuildSmart Procurement
  • Enjoy latest updates
  • Immediate Use of Estimate Data for Operational QS
  • Dynamic link with Subcontract Manager
  • Comprehensive standard and customisable reports
  • Multiple and customisable document layouts
  • Powerful filtering, sorting and grouping of data
  • Value Engineering/ Job Remodeling
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