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The success of a construction project is dependent on your ability to effectively monitor and control the complex and overlapping tasks that are associated with the job. From planning and resource distribution to maintaining budgets and timeframes; construction project management is an extremely demanding role that requires specialised tools and expertise.


With hundreds of responsibilities at any given time, the construction project manager (CPM) has the unenviable task of managing all that happens on site while working towards the successful closure of a project. For this reason, the person selected for this position must have the necessary skills and know-how to do the job well.

When hiring a CPM, potential candidates should exhibit both analytical and creative thinking as well as a thorough knowledge of key construction methodologies. They also need to be equal parts leader, mediator, problem solver and construction guru. This description may sound more akin to a superhero but that is precisely what a true CPM is.

Together with the skills mentioned above, an exceptional CPM will also have a firm grasp of:


To achieve the tasks they have been set, a CPM must be able to develop and execute a detailed plan of action that ensures all work is completed within budget and realistic timelines. This planning should also incorporate a series of benchmarks to assess the overall health of the project as it progresses.


An efficient CPM should always be aware of potential risks and how to minimise their impact when they occur. These include both external (natural disasters) and internal (poor planning, unrealistic scheduling) issues.


This ability to make efficient and accurate choices should also extend to peripheral decision-making ie: site delivery, site storage, unloading, etc; as a failure to monitor these correctly poses a threat to the smooth project flow and project completion.

A capacity to correctly procure and distribute resources demonstrates a CPM’s ability for effective decision-making that will help avoid unnecessary project delays. Knowing precisely what is required and where resources need to be allocated, is a vital skill to have.


When communicating internally, a successful CPM will delegate tasks both concisely and according to the individual skill sets of each employee. Communicating externally, stakeholders should consistently be made aware of the health and status of a project, while subcontractors must be kept in the loop to ensure they have the resources to timeously complete their work.


Due to the complexity and sheer volume of the demands placed on them, it is only natural for a CPM to feel overwhelmed at times. Fortunately, software solutions now exist that not only help lighten the load but empower CPMs in ways they never thought possible.

With the Complete Solution from RIB CCS, for example, a construction project manager can take control of the entire construction management process with dedicated software for project estimating, planning, cost management and accounting.

This holistic approach to construction management enables them to track data and processes in real time, proactively deal with problems before they arise, allocate tasks with a click, and rely on one source of business intelligence that enables effective decision-making.


To be a great CPM requires an ability to manage the demands of the role as well as a mastery of key construction principles. From planning and budgeting to risk management and more, the CPM who is well-versed in these areas will succeed but even then, the demands of the role may catch up with them. Before that happens, it makes sense to introduce dedicated construction management software that can support them in their duties.

For over 35 years, RIB CCS has developed industry-leading construction management software designed to give our customers the edge in the built environment making us the perfect partner to help take your business further. To learn more about our globally celebrated solutions, speak to us today.

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