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Candy Support

How to log a query?

Please log your queries via the Candy Support platform inside the Candy software.

There are 2 ways to open a case:

Option 1

a) In Candy select Support > E-mail Support Desk > select a category from the list available e.g. General.

Note: The Support Information dialogue box will become available

b) Complete all information if not already available by default.

c) Select Email to continue.

Option 2

a) In Candy select Support > Help Centre

As a Candy User, you have access to the Candy Help Centre, which contains a vast range of articles on topics that can help or guide you through the Candy software.

b) Support in the Help Centre:

“Contact Support” button on the fixed panel on the right underneath Trending Articles.

Step 1:

Select Support Help (option 1) or Contact Support (option 2) if a topic or article cannot be found or if any errors arise.

Step 2:

  1. Provide all the information required including full contact details and email address.
  2. Add any supporting documents or files that could be helpful to the case.
  3. Select Submit Case once all information has been completed and documentation added.

Note: Your case will be logged and confirmation of your case with a case number will be available.

BuildSmart Support

How to log a query?

Please log your queries using the BuildSmart Support desk. The system will allow you to log queries online, once
you registered as a User.

There are 2 ways to access the BuildSmart Support Desk:

1. Whilst logged into BuildSmart, click on the Support  icon


2. BuildSmart login screen, click on: Please log your query on our online support system.

 a. Insert Support Desk Username and Password

 b. Click on Login

 c. Click on User Log List

 d. Click on Add Log Entry

 e. Complete the detail, once completed click on Submit, the system allows one to attach documentation by
clicking on Browse

 f. Once the Support team get the message and response, you will be notified by mail, please do not reply to
the mail, kindly log into Support Desk

How to Register as a BuildSmart User
1. On the BuildSmart login screen, click on: Please log your query on our online support system.

2. Click on: New User

3. Complete the User details required.

4. Once completed click the ‘Request Access’ button

5. Pop up message below, click on OK

  • BuildSmart Support staff will respond by sending an email to your Inbox with your Login
     and Password
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