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The Power of Digitisation

RIB CCS CEO, Andrew Skudder, recently spoke with Construction Business News magazine about the importance and the Power of Digitisation in the Construction Industry.  ” Accelerating digitisation is one of the main trends for the construction industry in 2020. This means construction companies need to find software solutions that serve them best. While they may consider investing in generic software that spans multiple industries, this type of software will not address the many unique aspects of the construction industry, for example, the practice of using multiple subcontractors.

In this respect, project managers and construction companies should be looking for best-of-breed software that embraces the nuances of the industry. The software they choose should be backed up with excellent implementation, training and support.

A critical aspect to consider is the industry expertise that can be found in the software provider’s team members. Are they mere techies or are they people who have come out of the industry and capable of applying their industry knowledge to help construction companies embed best practice into their operations?

In addition, the accelerating pace of software development and technological change means construction companies need to find software vendors that have local scale or are part of a group of companies that have innovation at their core.

Importantly, good construction software must offer the following benefits to ensure construction companies maximise their profitability and efficiency:

  1. Cost Projection 
  2. Management of Subcontractors
  3. Cost Value Reconciliation
  4. Financial Operations (FinOps) Management
  5. Plant Management
  6. Document Management
  7. Remote Access and Updating
  8. Compliance and Governance

By embracing digitisation and investing in software that offers these compelling benefits, construction companies will be better placed to reduce risk, streamline processes, improve efficiencies and increase profitability.

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