Coping with rising costs on your contracts?

Can you run a CVR report anytime with real time data?

BuildSmart provides contractors with the tools to make informed decisions using real-time data.

Fit-for-purpose software solutions, designed by industry professionals that transform businesses in the built environment.

From protecting margins with fit-for-purpose systems that intelligently enhance productivity, while addressing siloed and uncoordinated data, to delivering accurate costing and financial information; BuildSmart is legislatively compliant software equipped for the nuances of construction accounting.

As a feature-rich enterprise financial accounting and cost management solution, it empowers contractors to take control of costs, report accurately and deliver results. 







Information at Your Fingertip

  • Detailed real time actual plus accrued verse allowable / budgeted reporting
  • By project, contract, activity, cost type and cost code
  • Key commodity tracking, budget vs actual quantity, rate and total value.
  • In system cost reporting linked to bespoke cost reports
The most important aspect of a project is understanding how profitable it will be. This is achieved by separating completed tasks from those still in progress. Once you know your final revenue forecast, you can then accurately state the current final position of a project.
Knowing where your project stands will enable you to correct and influence its outcome. By providing a complete and real-time report on all activities affecting a project, BuildSmart empowers stakeholders to make informed decisions based on its status.
With complete accounting of all costs, from tender to final accounts, this solution breaks financial data down into commercial and operational silos; delivering one source of truth to all parties.

Why BuildSmart Stands out From the Rest

Fit-for-purpose solution designed by industry professionals

Based on best business practices for the contracting industry

Unites stakeholders and eliminates departmental silos

Real-time costing with live-accrual cost allocations

Rapid Implementation ​

Cloud-based and accessible anywhere, any time

Multiple Dashboards


The BuildSmart dashboards provide you with visual analysis of various fundamental parameters and metrics enabling:

  • Enhance Visibility
  • An Overview of key KPIs
  • Better Decision Making
  • Assessment of Performance
  • Creation of Actionable Insights


Our solutions serve finance teams with accurate, real-time financial and cost reporting empowering the business to make strategic decisions that drive profitability.



  • Harness accurate, real-time financials
  • Take control of costs and allowables
  • Meet payment and reporting deadlines
  • Identify operational efficiencies that drive productivity and profit

Organisations Around the World Are Using BuildSmart

Zoe Perriam, Financial Controller
“Support has been absolutely incredible – even after-hours. Anytime and every time we have asked or needed support; RIB CCS have been there for us. A quote from the last directors board meeting- ‘These are the most solid figures and best reports we’ve had in 26 years! We didn’t use to know something was wrong until we ran out of money but now, we know before it gets to that and where we are losing it, allowing us to intervene and take corrective action before it’s too late”
Luke Ashe, Commercial Manager
“RIB CCS delivered more than we expected in a very short time frame. As part of the implementation process, the team ensured thorough knowledge transfer. This has enabled BK Gulf to realise the full benefits of the products immediately. We certainly made the right decision for our business by choosing RIB CCS as our business partner”
Wimpie Koch, Contracts Manager
“Thanks to the Candy and BuildSmart suite of products, our project sites are able to receive their monthly costing from head office on time. Now the team never misses a deadline as the month ends are predictable and easy to plan. Managing a project without RIB CCS is extremely time consuming, so it makes scenario planning a breeze”
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