Webinars are recorded to offer you a place to revisit all the webinars that you missed and for additional information. All previously held webinars are available to view by clicking on the links below.

We are updating these to our website news page as they are processed and published. If you are looking for a webinar that is not posted below, please feel free to contact us to find out if it was recorded and available.

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Introduction to the Candy Help Centre November 2021 https://vimeo.com/649362934
Candy Resource Type Combinations September 2021 https://vimeo.com/624378513/ac80908fd3
Earned Value Management using Candy Financial Forecasting August 2021 https://vimeo.com/603876396/c86b02cb9f
QTO 4.2 Webinar July 2021 https://vimeo.com/580670152/557515f1d2
Candy Multi-User June 2021 https://vimeo.com/565992914/dc197acdfb
Candy Valuations Cycle – Best Practice May 2021 https://vimeo.com/552304184/8c41f47596
Candy Re-coding April 2021 https://vimeo.com/540115000/10830bc6a6
Candy Seminar: Planning Best Practices March 2021 https://vimeo.com/524891399/687c4c3db7
Candy Seminar: Estimating Best Practices March 2021 https://vimeo.com/524164702/6bc4346928
Candy Seminar: Post Tender Best Practices March 2021 https://vimeo.com/524893620/1140839309
Post Tender Checklist & Job Remodelling February 2021 https://vimeo.com/515666026/c57c3b4937
Candy Link & Forecast November 2020 https://vimeo.com/434571342/7248062bee
Planning Progress Update & Analysis October 2020 https://vimeo.com/434357238/db725976ce
Cost Reporting using Candy Cost & Allowables September 2020 https://vimeo.com/434346697/bcaed694b7
Tender Finalisation August 2020 https://vimeo.com/434340768/d1559df2bc
Embracing the new normal with Candy July 2020 https://vimeo.com/442661057/5bbff6baf9
Bill Addendum Merger July 2020 https://vimeo.com/434331185/880f228f52
Advanced Worksheet Functions June 2020 https://vimeo.com/431685628/bb97387e6b
First Principles Estimating May 2020 https://vimeo.com/420585076/d2445208ae
QTO 4 April 2020 https://vimeo.com/409747769/d1edfd816b
Management of Variation Orders October 2019 https://vimeo.com/368024736/653632c5c4
Candy Masters 2019 September 2019 https://vimeo.com/358284153/84cd5a4f42
Planning Resources - creation and management July 2019 https://vimeo.com/349817871/d1e620f54c
Useful Estimating Functionalities June 2019 https://vimeo.com/341554054/9f781d2682
Subcontractor Database & RFQ April 2019 https://vimeo.com/user52525794/review/333956519/332a09f0db
Candy Cloud Solution March 2019 https://vimeo.com/user52525794/review/327005844/5480ff85a8
Post Tender Reports for Management February 2019 https://vimeo.com/user52525794/review/323153913/7aab33e708
Cost, Bill and Group Codes February 2016 https://vimeo.com/176429392/092d71c794
Materials Adjudicator October 2018 https://vimeo.com/294302135/09b444d64b
Candy and BuildSmart Integration September 2018 https://vimeo.com/290473259/65ed667d5e
Production and Manhour Codes August 2018 https://vimeo.com/287015172/a3cf683045
Quantities in Candy July 2018 https://vimeo.com/281584821/9ebc4c50c6
Cash Flow Application Reference material: Cashflow manual June 2018 https://vimeo.com/275793971/40332b3c10
Forecast Cost to Completion April 2018 https://vimeo.com/265345778/c9a67076c6
WBS-, Elemental- and SMM Codes, Global Variables & Global Parameters March 2018 https://vimeo.com/261793526/678c141774
Foreign Currency Pricing and Tax Codes November 2017 https://vimeo.com/246094841/7a14d0a21e
Import, Export-Candy Planning with P6 & MSP September 2017 https://vimeo.com/234456278/2dc968e6b9
Description Matching- Auto Price from Master August 2017 https://vimeo.com/230590752/b190be4c20
Subcontract Manager July 2017 https://vimeo.com/226718302/237a615651
Program Post Tender Escalation February 2017 https://vimeo.com/206047556/bb294cb2a9
Program Auto-link Code January 2017 https://vimeo.com/205014305/8b79c40066
Next Month’s Quantity November 2016 https://vimeo.com/194309478/744c44d3dd
Valuation Quantities October 2016 https://vimeo.com/192596553/839786092c
Mark-up September 2016 https://vimeo.com/184473595/4309ef657e
Selling Rates & Final Quantities July 2016 https://vimeo.com/175537465/ff2ad444b9
Tendering for Indirects May 2016 https://vimeo.com/171709973/301aa54af3
Subcontract Adjudicator January 2016 https://vimeo.com/168771374/19e2b74e41
Task Codes November 2015 https://vimeo.com/168771225/b8f96310db
Mechanical Worksheet October 2015 https://vimeo.com/168771040/4fca806922
Price Codes and Resource Codes September 2015 https://vimeo.com/168770904/f3423b4373